Hong Ying(U.K)
Hong Ying(U.K)

 Hong Ying
Born in 1962 in Chongqing, she grew up in the family of a sailor on the Yangtze River, which she later movingly depicted in her autobiographical novel Daughter of the River (1997).  After various odd jobs a long years as a “poet on the road” in the 1980s, she started her career as a novelist while studying in the U.K. She has returned to China and resides in Beijing.
She is a consistently productive novelist, and each of her novel trying to break new ground.  Her novel has been translated into 26 different languages.  Her novels translated into Western languages include Summer of Betrayal (1996), K (1999), Ananda (2001) and The Peacock Cries (2003).  In 2002, her novel K was banned in a Chinese court for erotics and “defaming the dead”.  Her 2003 novel Lord of Shanghai has been both warmly received by the general readership and the critical circle.
Among other honours she has received are:
In 2001 her novel Daughter of the River won “The Best Novel of the Year” in Taiwan.
In 2004 she was voted on the Chinese internet www.sina.com  as “The Most Popular Writer of the Year”
In 2005 she won the prize Premio Roma for the Italian version of her novel K. 
Many of her novels are being filmed, K as a UK-Dutch-HK co-production, Lord of Shanghai as TV series and film, and Ananda as a China-Indian co-production.